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Helping educators to successfully integrate technology into instruction and learning

What is PD Learning Network?

Online Courses

Engaging 15-hour courses comprised of bite-sized learning modules, individualized through videos, graphics, interactive websites, and inspiring articles.

Align with Standards

Learning outcomes are identified in syllabi and aligned to international teaching standards.

Competency-Based Assessments

PD Learning Network’s credentialed teachers evaluate proof of learning and skill implementation using a transparent rubric.

Digital Badges

Educators earn open digital badges that certify knowledge, skill, and experience. Badges can be posted and shared to show proficiency.

Optional University Credit

WASC-accredited professional development units are offered for most courses, ensuring rigor and value.

Focus on Classroom Application

Courses and assessments are designed for immediate classroom implementation of technology and learned skills.

Courses Available Now

How Does PD Learning Network Work?


Educator completes online coursework & submits assessment.


PDLN’s team of credentialed educators evaluates assessment.


PDLN evaluators provide assistance as needed.


Digital badge is issued in 5 to 7 days.

Competency-Based Assessments

As part of the course, educators submit an assessment to demonstrate proficiency in applying new knowledge and skills. Our credentialed teacher team evaluates each submission and provides support, feedback, and guidance to ensure successful completion.

Open Digital Badges

Digital badges represent a learner’s knowledge, skills, and experience in a subject area. Digital badges are portable, show proof of learning, and can be shared with stakeholders including: parents, administrators, and others within the community. Educators can post these badges to show professional qualifications and proof of their skills on résumés, social media, professional portfolios, employment applications, etc.

Optional University Professional Development Units

Our partnership with WASC-accredited University of the Pacific enables educators to earn university-based professional development units for their learning. Our collaboration further validates the rigor and relevance of our badge courses and third-party credentialed review process.

What Educators Are Saying

“The knowledge I have gained from your program has given me the confidence to change how I teach. I think my students will love learning from the new platform I am creating.”

“I absolutely love your professional development website! Thank you so much for introducing PDLN to my school. It’s very exciting to feel so tech savvy.”

“I didn’t even know that I could upload my Microsoft Word documents into Drive and convert them into Google Docs. I thought I would have to retype every single document. I didn’t think I’d ever have the spare time for that!”

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